In early 2002, God began leading a small group of us into a new place of intimacy with him.  It's not a deeper revelation of knowledge ABOUT him, but to actually know HIM in a more intimate way.

This website is an attempt at communicating some of our experiences and insights with you.  In addition, I hope that in some way this website will connect us, as members of his body, together.  Not through linking sites on the internet, but somehow joining our hearts together as we push on towards our goal together.  That would be Jesus Christ.


Latest Blog

Water Rising and Rest

By: Diane Campbell

This blog is a combination of two prophetic words given at different times. We believe they accurately describe the times we are in.  Our desire is to be wise to the days we live in so we can adjust our focus to what God is doing.  Even though this word has a regional focus we believe it's message is for the global church. From October 31, 2013 - - Water Rising and Rest I see a leader walking on stilts.  He lives on stilts and can do …Read More